Our Staff

Director: Madeleine Picciotto


Madeleine Picciotto received an M.A. from Columbia University and a Ph.D. from Princeton University. Her publications include Critical Thinking (a textbook for first-year university students). She has taught at a variety of institutions including Spelman College, UCLA, and the University of Massachusetts. She joined the UCSD faculty in 2000, and became Director of the Writing Center in 2012.

Administrative Coordinators: Nichole Nomura and Cameron Towne


Nichole and Cameron are graduates of UC San Diego: Nichole double majored in Literature/Writing and Literatures in English, and Cameron earned a degree in History. Both worked as Writing Center peer mentors during their undergraduate years. Nichole coordinates the undergraduate peer mentors; Cameron handles graduate student services and operational support.

Office Assistants:

Andrew Huang Liberty McDonald Dyllan Thweatt
Carley Towne Pravin Wilkins Diane Yoong

Research Interns:

Dan-Tran Cong-Huyen
Carley Towne

Graduate Writing Consultants

John DoughertyJohn Dougherty
Department: Philosophy

Don EverhartDon Everhart
Department: Science Studies and Sociology

Caitlin RileyCaitlin Riley
Department: Education Studies (Biology)

Undergraduate Writing Mentors

Chandler ColquittChandler Colquitt
College: Muir
Major: Literature/Writing
Writing specialties: MCWP, Basic Writing, Literature

Dan-Tran Cong-HuyenDan-Tran Cong-Huyen
College: Roosevelt
Major: Literature/Writing and Literatures of the World  
Minor: Japanese Studies
Writing specialties: MMW, Basic Writing, Film Studies, Literature, creative nonfiction, fiction

Kenna DankersKenna Denkers
College: Muir
Major: History
Writing specialties: MCWP, Basic Writing, History, literary analysis

Nassim Durali Nassim Durali
College: Muir
Major: Human Biology
Writing specialties: MCWP, Basic Writing, History, lab reports, grammar/mechanics

Zoe HornerZoe Horner
College: Muir
Majors: Literatures in English and Communication
Writing specialties: MCWP, Basic Writing, Communication, literary analysis

Andrew HuangAndrew Huang
College: Sixth
Major: Management Science
Minor: Political Science
Writing specialties: CAT, Basic Writing, Political Science, argumentative essays, application essays

Tia IkemotoTia Ikemoto
College: Roosevelt
Major: Communication
Minor: Business
Writing specialties: MMW, Basic Writing, literary analysis, argumentative essays, cover letters, applications essays 

Crystal InacayCrystal Inacay
College: Sixth
Major: Economics
Writing specialties: CAT, Basic Writing, Ethnic Studies, argumentative essays

Kathleen KaoKathleen Kao
College: Roosevelt
Major: Management Science
Minor: Theatre
Writing specialties: MMW, Basic Writing, argumentative essays, playwriting, creative writing, grammar/mechanics

Rachel Keirouz Rachel Keirouz
College: Warren
Major: Math, Computer Science
Writing specialties: WCWP, Basic Writing, Phil 27, research papers, resumes 

AmberKnightAmber Knight
College: Roosevelt
Major: History, Classics
Writing specialties: MMW, Basic Writing, History, Literature, research papers, Pre-Writing

Ellius KwokEllius Kwok
College: Revelle
Major: Physiology & Neuroscience
Writing specialties: HUM, Basic Writing, application essays, grammar/mechanics

Jared MadnickJared Madnick
College: Roosevelt
Majors: Classical Studies and History
Writing specialties: MMW, Basic Writing, History, Literature, grammar/mechanics

Liberty SackerLiberty McDonald
College: Warren
Major: Philosophy and Lit/Writing
Writing specialties: Basic Writing, Literature, Philosophy, argumentative writing, scholarship and application essays, creative writing, grammar/mechanics

Kyle ParkKyle Park
College: Roosevelt
Major: Political Science
Writing specialties: MMW, Basic Writing, Political Science, History, Literature, persuasive/analytical writing, creative writing, speeches, application essays, grammar/mechanics

Marissa ScheidMarissa Scheid
College: Revelle
Major: Cognitive Science
Minor: Humanities
Writing specialties: HUM, Basic Writing, Literature

Sage Schubert ChristianSage Schubert Christian
College: Warren
Major: Linguistics
Minor: Theatre
Writing specialties: WCWP, Basic Writing, argumentative writing, scriptwriting, creative writing, final polishing, grammar/mechanics

Johann SevillaJohann Sevilla 
College: Revelle
Major: Computer Science
Writing specialties: HUM, Basic Writing, argumentative essays, resumes and cover letters

Jody TaiJody Tai
College: Muir
Major: Biochemistry & Cell Biology
Writing specialties: MCWP, Basic Writing, argumentative essays, research papers, grammar/ mechanics

Wilson TanWilson Tan
College: Marshall
Major: Physiology & Neuroscience
Writing specialties: DOC, Basic Writing, History, grammar/mechanics

Dyllan ThweattDyllan Thweatt
College: Sixth
Major:Religious Studies
Minor: Literature/Writing
Writing specialties: CAT, Basic Writing, Anthropology, History, literary analysis, scriptwriting, fiction, grammar/mechanics

Carley TowneCarley Towne
College: Warren
Major: Critical Gender Studies and Political Science
Writing specialties: WCWP, Basic Writing, CGS, Ethnic Studies, Sociology, Political Science, History, resumes and cover letters

Kendra ToyKendra Toy
College: Roosevelt
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Minor: Theatre
Writing specialties: MMW, Basic Writing, Theatre, Literature, argumentative essays, grammar/mechanics

Willie WiedenmannWillie Wiedenmann
College: Muir
Major: Management Science
Minor: Business
Writing specialties: MCWP, Basic Writing, Literature, pre-writing, grammar/mechanics

Pravin WilkinsPravin Wilkins
College: Warren
Major: Literature/Writing
Minor: Visual Arts - Film
Writing specialties: WCWP, Basic Writing, Political Science, Psychology, academic essays, creative writing, poetry

Anna YamamuroAnna Yamamuro
College: Roosevelt
Major: International Studies
Minors: Music and Korean Studies
Writing specialties: MMW, Basic Writing, Sociology, Anthropology, literary analysis, research papers, application essays, grammar/mechanics

Kevin YenKevin Yen
College: Warren
Major: General Biology
Minor: Health Care, Psychology
Writing specialties: WCWP, Basic Writing, literary analysis, argumentative essays, pre-writing

Diane YoongDiane Yoong
College: Marshall
Major: Psychology and Critical Gender Studies
Minor: Art History
Writing specialties: DOC, Basic Writing, Psychology, Critical Gender Studies, Art History

Beverly YuBeverly Yu
College: Warren
Major: Bioengineering and Economics
Writing specialties: WCWP, Basic Writing, lab reports, grammar/mechanics



We will be closed Sunday, May 29 and Monday, May 30 in observance of the Memorial Day holiday. 

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