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What Can You Expect at Your Session?

  • ►We will not proofread or edit your paper for you.
  • ►We will not do your reading, thinking, or writing for you.
  • ►We will ask you to participate actively in setting the direction of your session.
  • ►We can help at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming for ideas to polishing the finished product.
  • ►We can support students at all levels, from those in Basic Writing classes to those who are completing advanced assignments in upper-division courses.
  • ►We can provide assistance with issues such as development, clarity, organization, argumentation, citation, and revision.
  • ►We may not be familiar with the subject matter you are writing about; our expertise is in writing, not in specific course content.


The Writing Center is now closed. We will reopen in Fall 2015.

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The Writing Center

UC San Diego
9500 Gilman Dr., # 0301
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Writing Center Office:
127 Mandeville

Campus mail code: 0301
Telephone: 858-534-4911

Writing Center Director:
Madeleine Picciotto

Office: 124 Mandeville
Campus mail code: 0301
Telephone: 858-534-1384


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